WCU Public Relations Student Society of America


Tresurer to President

I started PRSSA at the end of my junior year. Senior year I became president of PRSSA and started implementing new tactics to obtain new members and retain membership attendance

Memership Increase

When I joined WCU PRSSA the club started with 5 members. I teamed up with my professor to offer extra credit to students that attended meetings in his class. I created more promotional material you can see below and I tried to make PRSSA more established. My chapter supervisor Scott Eldredge helped me establish Robert's rules of order in the meetings to help boost productivity in the meeting.

After I became president for 3 weeks WCU PRSSA grew to 16 paid members

Promotional Pieces


The Results

My time at PRSSA helped me develop teamwork skills. I never really had a "team before and it was very fulfilling to come together as students to complete a common goal. WCU PRSSA membership went up but also a sense of purpose was found. Working with the executive board and with member committees really pushed our accomplishments to the next level in such a short time.