New Kituwah Academy

The Internship

The Beginning

The summer of 2016 was a busy time at New Kituwah Academy. They had a number of new events and a new intern (that's me) to put to work. The main job I was put to was to create a video and handle the social media page of New Kituwah. I had a big learning cureve to overcome with video editing, but it was ell accepted by my internship supervisor.

Facebook Page Audit

I created a powerpoint to showcase what has already been accomplished on their facebook page and how we could improve on it as well.

The Video

The Results

The first Facebook post I created obtained over a 5,000 audience reach! Cherokee itself has a population size of just over 2,000 people!

We were able to attract over 100 likes in two weeks!

Facebook Reach Graph

My posts were not all overwhelming in reach however comparitively speaking the suggeted changes I made in the m,eeting have proven themselves in the data. Facebook Reach Graph

Over 5,000 people were exposed to our campaign during these two weeks on Facebook.