The Good Samaritan Clinic

A Fun Fundraiser

The Problem

The Good Samaritan executive director Rebecca Mathis wanted to increase their donor submissions by holding a fumdraiser. So an opportunity was seiged by my team formed from a public relations class in the spring of 2016.

The Opportunity

The opportunity was to have a biking event similar to what The Good Samaritan Clinic had last year however to to make it bigger and to include some online strategies and tactics.

The Plan: Mixed Media

So we we formulated a campaign with Rebecca to take advantge of direct mail that has alrerady been in use for Good Sam and to introduce some more online tactics. The pieces to our strategic puzzle included a webpage, three Youtube videos, an email subimission to current subscribers, and the construction of a strong Facebook presence. The results are show below.

The Results

Facebook Likes Graph

We were able to attract over 100 likes in two weeks!

Facebook Reach Graph

Over 5,000 people were exposed to our campaign during these two weeks on Facebook.

Video Creation

I organized the shooting and production of these videos to be shared on the facebook page and help raise awareness of this campaign. I even snuck myself in the videos a few times.

Community Response

The Good Samaritan Clinic was impressed by our efforts and had so many people tell her, "You are all over the internet now!" and that, "This was the most publicity the clinic has ever had!"

You are all over the internet now! - Good Sam Supporter

Money Raised

The clinic raised over $3,000 this past spring and is still continuing to see donations come in. I am very proud of this campaign and how successful it was. If you would like to learn more or how I can help bring awareness to your business please contact me for more information.