Cardoso Law Offices

AdWords Campaign

The AdWords Call

The Spring of 2016 I got a call from Ryan Cardoso asking about Google Adwords. He sat through a call from a Google AdWords account manager but Ryan was quoted out of his budget.

I told Ryan that I could run the campaign within his budget and we have been running ads since January 2016. January 2016 was the first time I got my hands dirty and worked with adwords. I worked through the learning curve I am confident in my ability to use the AdWords proficiently.

Cardoso Law Offices

Cardoso Law Offices is location in Pensacola, Florida. It is a young practice located in the heart of Pensacola. The owner and operator Ryan Cardoso specializes in criminal Justice.

Ad Spend

My client doesn't want to release too many records about his AdWords campaign. The campaign has a rough monthly budget of $1,000. It has had generated a robust ROI and if you would like to learn more about this cmapiagn please feel free to contact me about it.

The Results

I have worked with Ryan for over 10 months now and he has experienced a steady rise in business. I hope for this trend to continue as my keyword research becomes more targeted and as our A/B test yeild more insights to optimized results.